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About us

About us:

Hello and welcome to a-noma-ly.  I have always loved this word. Not only the sound of it but the feeling and ideas it invokes. The idea that the differences in one generation can improve the next. The feeling of being able to learn, adapt, change  and overcome. The idea that there is evolution of thought. This name is a constant reminder of the potential we have yet to achieve. The evolution of self seeps into other aspects of our lives. If our state of mind evolves and becomes better, then our actions become better.

You are probably wondering what this philosophy has to do with fashion. It has a lot to do with it actually. The fashion industry has convinced people that clothes mass produced overseas are the only way to make them affordable. That simply is not true. Garments are made with cheap materials that barely get them through a season. Materials wear out quickly and seams begin to unravel. Corners are cut to keep costs down - including the improper disposal of dyes, chemicals, and trash. Workers face poor working conditions.This is called fast fashion. This simply is not right.

The better alternative is slow fashion. Slow fashion focuses on quality instead of  quantity. We are based in Los Angeles. The products go from our hands to yours. Our objective will always be to produce quality items ethically and locally.